Project Update: June 22, 2022

Project Update: June 22, 2022


Next week you can expect to see continued construction activity on Newport Avenue between George Road and Morgan Road as crews work to install the last manhole at this work site.

As was the case with our other recent manhole installations, traffic will be maintained in both directions during the vast of majority of this activity.

That said, on Wednesday, July 27 – per the direction of local safety officials – traffic on this section of Newport Avenue will be detoured starting at 7:00PM while our crews lower the manholes into place. Hours for evening construction will be from 7:00PM to midnight (approximately).

For more detail on this short-term manhole installation traffic management plan, please visit or call our project hotline.

Additionally, our duct bank installation crew will shift the focus of its work and move its work site to Newport Avenue between Newport Terrace and George Road.

We ask that drivers and pedestrians remain mindful of lane shifts, posted traffic signage, and the direction of police details stationed around the work zone.

As always, for a closer look at the project route, click here to view our online map.

Week of July 25: Construction Activity

  • Excavation and manhole installation on Newport Avenue (between George Road and Morgan Road)
  • Excavation and duct bank installation on Newport Avenue (between Newport Terrace and George Road)

Week of August 1: Construction Activity

  • Excavation and manhole installation on Furnace Brook Parkway (between Hancock Street and Hudson Street)
  • Excavation and duct bank installation on Newport Avenue (between Newport Terrace and George Road)

Please know that construction is scheduled to minimize the impact on traffic and everyday life; sections of your street will likely only be impacted by the construction for weeks—not years. That said, we understand that construction doesn’t always feel “short-term” when it’s in front of your home or business. As work begins in your area, we will continue to work to mitigate inconveniences that come up to the greatest extent feasible. Please let us know about upcoming deliveries, schedules, and events that could be impacted by work.

For more information on North Quincy Cable Project, please call 1-800-358-3879 or email a member of our team at You can also use the “Contact Us” page of our website to submit any questions, comments, or concerns.

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The North Quincy Cable Project

*Please note, due to the complexities of outdoor construction, schedule is subject to change.